6 Eggs-cellent Uses For The Ultimate Ingredient

Eggs-cellent; 6 Eggs, 6 Ways. I can’t think of any other natural food that offers such versatility; from breakfast, right through to yummy desserts and even to keeping your skin young and blemish free. So what can we use them for?

1. Plain
Eggs are what we return to when we have nothing in the cupboard and want food, fast! Eggs, the saviour ingredient, are delicious on their own – boiled, poached or scrambled, but my favourite egg dish is the omelette or its close cousin the frittata.

2. Lighten
Whole eggs or even separated eggs are used to add air to a mixture. This is called to ‘aerate’ in the food trade. Whisking or beating eggs on their own or with other ingredients makes them light and airy.

Souffles, cakes and mousses are some of the dishes where aerated eggs are employed. The lighter the mixture, the less calories! Why don’t you compare the calories in a meringue with that of ice cream.

3. Bind
Eggs are used to bind and keep together both raw and cooked ingredients. How I used to love Mondays when I used to watch mum turn roast beef into rissoles, using a cast iron meat grinder and an egg or two to bind all ingredients together.

4. Glazing and Coating
Ok, strictly probably two separate uses!!! But how do you get that lovely glazed golden brown façade on a pastry crust? Well if you haven’t realised yet, where eggs-actly have you been hiding? Eggs of course ( ok strictly speaking it is egg wash). Egg wash is also used to seal pastry when baking bind, preventing liquid seeping into the pastry base.

Eggs can also be used to coat delicate foods before deep fat frying. Eggs and breadcrumbs or eggs in a batter form a protective layer between the food and the hot fat which would burn the surface of the food cooking the inside.

5. Enriching
Because eggs are an excellent source of nutrients, they are used in both raw and cooked foods to add value. Break an egg into rice and fry quickly or chop a hard boiled egg into mashed potatoes to add nutritious rich protein to a carbohydrate.

6. Clarifying
Have you ever wondered how a consommé or some stocks are clear? That’ll be the protein in the egg white (or sometimes just the egg shells) which is used to attract the impurities within the liquid.

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About the Author


Sian Breslin is a qualified home economist, Mum of 3 boys and teacher for over 25 years. She is founder of Sian's Plan and believes that healthy eating can be made convenient with a little organisation.
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