National Chip Week; Family Meal Plan with Shopping List

It is National Chip week this week. And in celebration of the humble potato, (23rd August National Potato day is too far away) my family meal plan and shopping list (unusually) includes a potato dish everyday. Available now and all year are Rooster, Kerr’s Pink, Golden Wonder and Charlotte. Store in a cool, dark place and as most of the nutrients found in or just below the skin, cook with their skins on or peel very thinly.

Monday – Mini Burgers with Spicy Potato Wedges and Coleslaw
This is a firm favourite with every member of the family. As the family are older now, I tend to make 4 normal size burgers, using the same recipe but obviously cooking the burgers for a little longer. Since I am serving this with potato wedges, quickly brown the burgers in a pan and continue cooking in the oven.

Tuesday – Turkey and Ham Potato Pie with Frozen Mixed Vegetables
Turkey is great value these days. Cut into small bite size pieces to cook very quickly. Alternatively use leftover cooked roast chicken slices instead of the turkey.

Wednesday – Baked Potatoes with Cream Cheese and Steamed Green Beans
Baked potatoes do take time to cook but they are delicious. Choose a day that you have the time, or alternatively bake on Monday as you cook the potato wedges and reheat in the microwave next day. The filling is delicious, but if you wish, you can also fill with baked beans, tuna or salmon.

Thursday – Chowder (Mixed Fish)
Fast and easy, this meal is nutritious, comforting and delicious. Serve with crusty brown bread.

Friday – Lentil, Potato and Chickpea Curry
Almost a one pot wonder for the end of the week. Very little preparing and a whole load of taste. I would expect that there will be enough for a Saturday lunch or two.

Shopping List

Baked Products
Store Cupboard
50 g Breadcrumbs
200 g Basmati Rice
8 Bread Rolls
180 g Cheese
100 g Lentils
Beef Products
200 mls Milk
400 g Extra Lean Beef Mince50 g Cornflour
1 Egg
Dairy Products
1 Fish Stock cube
8 tblsp Cream Cheese
1 Chicken Stock cube
250 mls Natural Yoghurt
1 can Chickpeas
1 can Chopped Tomatoes
1 tsp Chilli Powder
400 g Fish (salmon, cod, prawns, sea fish)
1 tsp Chilli flakes
2 tsp Cumin
2 tblsp Curry powder
50 g Walnuts
3 tsp Paprika
4 tsp Parsley
Poultry Products
3 Onions
2 Turkey Fillets
4 Cloves
1 tblsp Sunflower oil
Pork Products
3 tblsp Olive oil
4 slices Ham
300 mls Vegetable stock
100 g Bacon lardons
1 tblsp Tomato ketchup
1 tblsp Worcestershire Sauce
4 tblsp Mayonnaise (light, low salt)
2 Carrots
½ Cauliflower
1 small pack Frozen Vegetables
1 White Cabbage
1 pack Green Beans
1 small bag Lettuce Leaves
1 small pack Mushrooms
7.5 Kg Potatoes
2 Tomatoes
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About the Author


Sian Breslin is a qualified home economist, Mum of 3 boys and teacher for over 25 years. She is founder of Sian's Plan and believes that healthy eating can be made convenient with a little organisation.
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  • Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe

    I didn’t realise that it was National Chip Week! Good job we are having chips tonight! Everything sounds lovely #MealPlanningMonday

    • Sian Breslin

      Hope they went well Kirsty!

  • Vikki

    Is it? Chip Week? Wow…. *goes off to change meal plan* :)


    • Sian Breslin

      Any excuse Vikki :)